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    This directory includes metagenomic sequencing datasets from the
    Revio system for the ZymoBIOMICS Fecal Reference with TruMatrix Technology
    (Zymo Research, D6323), with one Revio SMRT Cell per sample replicate.

    m84028_230113_224423_s1    Revio replicate 1; 7.6 kb mean read length; QV46 median read quality
    m84028_230113_231547_s2    Revio replicate 2; 7.7 kb mean read length; QV46 median read quality

    LIBRARY PREP     SMRTbell prep kit 3.0
    SIZE SELECTION   Cleanup with 3.7X v/v of diluted 35% AMPure PB beads to remove fragments <3kb
    SEQUENCING       Revio system, 24 hour movie
    ANALYSIS         Generate HiFi reads with 5mC methylation calls on the Revio system