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   This dataset is an example of the output format for the Sequel® IIe System.

    Sample          HG002 extracted DNA
    Library prep    SMRTbell® Express 2.0 + Enzyme Clean Up
    Sequencing      Sequel IIe System with chemistry 2.0
    Run time        30 hrs movie with 2 hr pre-extension
    Software        ICS v10.0, SMRT® Link v10.0 and CCS v5.0.0

    m64012_201115_115917 - no kinetic information, default
    m64012_201204_044926 - kinetic tags enabled (fi, fp, fn, ri, rp, rn)

    [movie].reads.bam            Sequel IIe System output with one read per productive ZMW containing:
                                     1. HiFi Reads (QV 20 or higher)
                                     2. Lower-quality but still polished consensus reads (QV 1 - QV 20)
                                     3. Unpolished consensus reads (RQ=-1)
                                     4. Single-pass subreads unaltered (RQ=-1)
    [movie].hifi_reads.bam       HiFi reads, subset of [movie].reads.bam
    [movie].hifi_reads.fastq.gz  HiFi reads, FASTQ format
    [movie].hifi_reads.fasta.gz  HiFi reads, FASTA format

    The [movie].reads.bam contains HiFi Reads and non-HiFi reads.  For tools outside SMRT Link that
    except only HiFi reads, use [movie].hifi_reads.bam/fastq/fasta.