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    This directory includes human whole genome sequencing datasets generated
    on the Revio system for the HCC1395 (tumor) and HCC1395-BL (matched normal) cell lines.

    SAMPLES          ATCC genomic DNA CRL-2324D for HCC1395
                     ATCC genomic DNA CRL-2325D for HCC1395-BL
    SHEARING         Megaruptor 3 to target size of 15-20 kb
    LIBRARY PREP     SMRTbell prep kit 3.0
    SEQUENCING       Revio system, 24 hour movie
    ANALYSIS         Generate HiFi reads with methylation calls on the Revio system
                     Align to GRCh38_no_alt_analysis_set with pbmm2 v1.10.0

    Sample         Yield        Reads   Read length
    ----------  --------  -----------  ------------
    HCC1395-BL  128.0 Gb    7,591,952     16,863 bp
    HCC1395     180.9 Gb   12,662,343     14,285 bp