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This data can be used to run genome assembly and phasing using falcon, falcon-unzip, and falcon-phase

00e1c1ad1d33e4cd481747d7efdffcc0  F1_bull_test.subreads.fasta.gz - PacBio subreads for falcon assembly
6cf93f0d096ddf0ce3017f25c56ff7e4  F1_bull_test.HiC_R2.fastq.gz - HiC data for falcon phase
ce8f6057e07459bb091ceeca7f6ff04e  F1_bull_test.HiC_R1.fastq.gz - HiC data for falcon phase
39ec303e6527dd227770cd33dbdb3609  fc_run.cfg  - contig file for fc_run (falcon)
c52064770d25def32974e7a11211d9c8  fc_unzip.cfg  - contig file for
51dc7c9e1e26c44d9cc5f5e491f53d2b  fc_phase.cfg  - config file for
81033c7c4ed46fe8b1c89e9d33cc1e84  F1_bull_test.subreads.bam - PacBio subreads for unzip

Data is a subset of that available at NCBI for BioProject PRJNA432857