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README  (Last Updated 08/08/2017)


   This README file describes the contents in this directory.

   This dataset contains raw and intermediate data for advanced users to test ToFU2.


   The data contains a single cell of Lexogen RC0 ( 
   which is a mixture of spiked in SIRV and ERCC into UHRR. Please visit the Lexogen 
   SIRV website for more details.

   The cDNA library was made from total RNA using the Clontech SMARTer cDNA 
   synthesis kit followed by  large-scale PCR using the Takara PrimeStar GXL polymerase. 
   The RC0 non-size-selected SMRTBell  library was sequenced with chemistry 2.0 using 
   Magbead loading (50pM on plate) for a 6hr movie.
   For a full procedure please see:



   All files starting with m54086_170204_081430.* are the raw data from the 1 cell of RC0.
   isoseq_flnc.fasta --- full-length reads after running Iso-Seq classify.
   isoseq_nfl.fasta  --- non-full length reads after running Iso-Seq classify.

   To run ToFU2, please follow the tutorial at:

4. Alternative Download Location

   The same data is also stored in Zenodo:

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.  Copyright 2017, Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc. All rights reserved. The data provided in these files is subject to change without notice and Pacific Biosciences assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions. Certain notices, terms, conditions and/or use restrictions may pertain to your use of Pacific Biosciences data, products and/or third party products. Please refer to the applicable Pacific Biosciences Terms and Conditions of Sale and to the applicable license terms at