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README for PureTarget-RE-Revio-48plex
Last Updated 03/11/2024

This README file describes the contents in this directory.

This dataset was data generated using the PureTarget® repeat expansion panel kit.

The PureTarget repeat expansion libraries were barcoded, sequenced on the Revio 
system running 13.1 software using Chem Bundle 13.1, and processed with SMRT® Link v13.1

	Outputs for PureTarget repeat expansion application Revio run with on-instrument demultiplexing.
	Import m84036_240201_205955_s2.hifi_reads.consensusreadset.xml into SMRT Link 13.1 via Data Management for visualizing Dataset metrics and for running secondary analysis using the PureTarget repeat expansion workflow.

	SMRT Link 13.1 SMRT Analysis outputs from PureTarget repeat expansion application workflow run with default GRCh38 reference and the default PureTarget repeat expansion panel application BED. Analysis outputs include per sample and per target coverage plots, genotyped repeat expansion VCF and summary CSV for all samples, and per sample per target TRVZ plots for visualizing methylation and motifs for alleles.
	Please reference the SMRT Link v13.1 User Guide for a full list and description of files.


	Nanobind® HT CBB kit for mammalian cultured cells on the KingFisher Apex system
	PureTarget® repeat expansion panel bundle
	SMRTbell adapter index plate 96A
	Revio polymerase kit
	Revio SMRT Cell tray
	Revio sequencing plate

HG001 and HG002 samples were barcoded as follows

bc2025	HG001
bc2026	HG001
bc2027	HG001
bc2028	HG001
bc2029	HG001
bc2030	HG001
bc2031	HG001
bc2032	HG001
bc2033	HG001
bc2034	HG001
bc2035	HG001
bc2036	HG001
bc2037	HG001
bc2038	HG001
bc2039	HG001
bc2040	HG001
bc2041	HG001
bc2042	HG001
bc2043	HG001
bc2044	HG001
bc2045	HG001
bc2046	HG001
bc2047	HG001
bc2048	HG001
bc2001	HG002
bc2002	HG002
bc2003	HG002
bc2004	HG002
bc2005	HG002
bc2006	HG002
bc2007	HG002
bc2008	HG002
bc2009	HG002
bc2010	HG002
bc2011	HG002
bc2012	HG002
bc2013	HG002
bc2014	HG002
bc2015	HG002
bc2016	HG002
bc2017	HG002
bc2018	HG002
bc2019	HG002
bc2020	HG002
bc2021	HG002
bc2022	HG002
bc2023	HG002
bc2024	HG002