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	PacBio HiFi reads for HG001 (NA12878) and HG002 from target enrichment Twist Alliance Dark Gene Panel.
	2 of the 12 samples sequenced on Revio SMRT cell are released here.

	SHEARING	Covaris g-TUBE to target size of 8kb.
	TWIST LIBRARY	Prepared according to
			Probes: Twist Alliance Dark Genes Panel
	PACBIO LIBRARY 	SMRTbell prep kit 3.0 Prepared according to
	SEQUENCING	Revio system, 24 hr movie
	ANALYSIS	Demultiplex with lima v2.5.0
			Mark PCR Duplicates with pbmarkdups v1.0.2
			Align to GRCh38_no_alt_analysis_set with pbmm2 v1.7.0
			Call variants with pbsv v2.8 and DeepVariant v1.4.0
			Phase with whatshap 1.1

HG001.GRCh38_noalt.deepvariant.haplotagged.bam			aligned HiFi reads, PCR duplicates marked, reads tagged by haplotype (HP tag)
HG002.GRCh38_noalt.deepvariant.haplotagged.bam			aligned HiFi reads, PCR duplicates marked, reads tagged by haplotype (HP tag)
HG001.fastq.gz							demultiplexed HiFi reads
HG002.fastq.gz							demultiplexed HiFi reads
human_GRCh38_no_alt_analysis_set.fasta				reference used to generate BAM files
TwistAllianceDarkGenes_GeneList.txt				gene list