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The following directory contains 2 HG002/NA24385 libraries used for training
training the HiFi 5mCpG model, one representing fully unmethylated data and
one representing a sample with complete 5mC methylation in all CpG contexts.

Each sample is provided in both the original subread format, and as fully
processed CCS reads.

Additional hifi_reads.bam and subreads.bam files are available upon request. 


HG002/NA24385 was prepared using the ultra-low DNA input protocol [1]. The
amplified DNA was split, half treated with the M.SssI methyltransferase and
the other half untreated. Libraries were prepared with the Express template
prep kit 2.0.  All sequencing data produced on the Sequel II System, using
Sequel II Chemistry 2.0. CCS reads generated with ccs v6.0.0 using the 
`--all-kinetics` option.